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Friends of Green Lesbos to Publish Dragonfly Book

[news item September 2009]

Our President, John Bowers, has published a book on the Dragonflies of Lesbos. It provides a guide to the dragonfly sites on the Island, lists the species that you might hope to see there, and how to identify them. The book is lavishly illustrated with 80 coloured photographs of dragonflies and has been printed in Mytilini in the handy pocket size used for Island guides (22x11cm) It is available from the Friends headquarters in Skala Polychnitou, from Mytilini bookshops and from the Natural History museums in Sigri and Vrisa at a price of 15.00. It can also be purchased in the UK from the NHBS Bookshop and from Pemberley Books

Honeyguide Holidays provided us with a generous grant towards production costs

All profits from the sales will go to our activities on protecting the wetlands. 




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